Okuden is a Japanese word meaning ‘inner teachings’. A deeper understanding and connection to Usui Mikao’s teachings is achieved during this course. It is suitable for Level I practitioners who would like to develop a deeper understanding of the power of Reiki within their lives and practice professionally, treating clients.

Training Includes:

  • The teaching of 3 jumon (mantras) and 3 shirushi (symbols) plus their meanings, usage and spiritual description
  • Learning to help others through the concept of Oneness (distant healing)
  • Three original Japanese attunements/reijus
  • Extensive manual with original excerpts from traditional Japanese manuals and certification as an Okuden Level II practitioner
  • Original Japanese techniques such as Hatsurei ho, a method for generating greater amounts of Reiki, Byosen Reikan ho, a method for sensing imbalances with your hands and Reiji ho, a method of allowing Reiki to guide you


  • Find balance in everyday life
  • Release your fear and anger
  • Understand your connection to people, places, nature and events in the world around you
  • Progress further along your spiritual path
  • Help others professionally
  • Expand your knowledge about the system of Reiki from a Japanese perspective